Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hummus Wars Continue!

The Lebanese have done it...for now. This past weekend the Lebanese set a record for cooking the world's largest bowl of hummus. The bowl's weight came in at......wait...I forgot... who gives a sh$*t?!?!

Not only did they make a ton of hummus they set the world's record for largest falafel dish. The expansion of the absurd sizes of bite sized food wars to falafel, which is considered Egyptian in origin, threatens to spread this war to Egypt as well. If Egypt gets involved it is impossible to tell how severe this situation may become. The Turks may make the largest doner kebab, the Iranians may make the largest bowl of persian rice, and we might have a world food war before we know it. 

I have no doubt that this latest episode will not be the final battle in the Hummus Wars, so stay tuned...


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