Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bisli has arrived in Portland, Oregon!!???

My mom recently called me, quite excitedly, to tell me that the local Albertsons is carrying kosher for pesach Bisli in advance of Pesach. I know that stores in New York and LA carry Bisli, but I was definitely surprised to hear that it has now reached Portland, let alone the kosher for pesach version. Anyways, glad to hear one of the world's greatest snacks (you can see in the pictures that Bamba has made it as well) is expanding beyond the huge US markets and venturing to smaller cities.

Here is the evidence. All photos are copyrighted to my Mom's new iPhone 4. 



  1. Funny, just back from Lisbon and saw Bisli and Bamba there too (in the kosher section near the pork).

  2. That's great! I think bisli should be everywhere in the world. How was Portugal? Hope to hear about it soon.