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Miriam’s Kitchen – Jewish-Indian Cuisine


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A few weeks ago I had the chance to experience one of the more unique dining options in Israel. In a moshav (small town) called Nevatim, halfway between Beer Sheva and Dimona, there is a restaurant called Miriam's Kitchen. Nevatim is known for its large Indian-Jewish community, and Miriam's Kitchen serves Indian food typical of the Southern Indian city of Cochin. Most of Cochin's 3000 person Jewish community moved to Israel in the 1950's bringing its rich culinary history to the country. Influenced by Iraq, Yemen, and a variety of Indian influences Cochin's food is one of most interesting and diverse the country has to offer.

Miriam's Kitchen is what the name implies. Miriam cooks you food made in her kitchen and you eat in her living room. Tasty chapattis, garbanzo bean dishes, fragrant rice, roasted eggplant and more greet you as the first course to the meal. This is followed by Kube, Dosa and spicy chicken cooked in coconut milk, amongst others. For someone unfamiliar with Indian food the new flavors, textures and smells will be an eye opening experience. Even those that know Indian food well will appreciate the authenticity and flavor.

While the food is most definitely the highlight of the meal, a close second is Miriam's husband Nehemia's stories about the history of the Jewish community in Cochin. Extremely passionate about his community, Nehemia speaks about the historical origins of the community to their present state in Israel. Both Nehemia and Miriam are happy to talk about the techniques and ingredients used in their dishes and genuinely enjoy providing meals for the visitors that arrive.


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